Open Water Diver      - 4 days.
This is the first step. The course consists of 3 parts: Theory sessions, shallow water training and 4 open water training. The course is structured in such a way that the necessary skills are taught in a gradual and stress-free manner.

Medic First Aid                 - 1 days.
This is a useful first aid and CPR course.

Rescue Diver Course            - 3 days.
This course is an important and crucial step in expanding a divers knowledge and experience beyond a purely recreational level .The course consists of 5 Theory and 5 open water session.


Advance Open Water Diver    - 2 days.
Expand your diving skills while increasing your diving experience with this highly practical course. It consists of 5 training dives :DEEP dive, NAVIGATION dive and 3 elective training dives from a choice of the following options : a NIGHT ,WRECK,PEAK PERFOMANCE BUOYANCY,MULTI LEVEL,SEARCH AND RECOVERY,BOAT,UNDER WATER –NATURALIST,DRIFT and PHOTOGRAPHY. 

Divemaster course           -     14 days.
This is a professional level course. With a divemaster certification you are able to as an underwater guide,to supervise general diving activities and to assist in instructing students.


Type of package Duration Price
Open water diver 4 days 3 night Rm 1350 Per person
Advance diver 3 days 2 night Rm 930   Per person
Rescue diver 3 days 2 night Rm 1200 Per person
Medic first aid One day Rm 280   Per person
Divemaster 14 day Rm 1900 Per person

Package include: Registration fees, course fees ,accommodation, food, equipment and log book.

kuala terengganu,terengganu,Malaysia.

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